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Welcome to my website! I am happy to meet you here. I am passionate about people and I always want them to achieve their full potential. I believe that employees are the biggest and most important capital of a company. Therefore it isn’t an unnecessary luxury to invest in the wellbeing of employees. Colleagues who feel well will go the extra mile and make a difference. Isn’t that exactly what every employer, and employee wants?


  • I’ve been  Wellbeing Director at Medialaan for about 3 years. With a proactive wellbeing policy, I ensured that our colleagues were healthy, happy and motivated. My policy was based on four pillars: mental balance, physical health, social contact and healthy nutrition.
  • As Wellbeing Consultant I inspire and coach managers and give workshops about the importance of the 4C’s : Communicate – Collaborate – Connect – Care
  • As Keynote speaker: I motivate employees to make their working day much more energetic, with only minor adjustments.
  • I am Author of the book ‘Aftellen naar maandag’ (Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, 2017) & Wellbeing = Winst ( Pelckmans uitgevers, 2020) I want to make clear to managers, HR-managers & team leaders that you need happy, healthy & motivated employees if you want to be futureproof as an organisation.
  • As a wife and mum, I love a warm home and fully enjoy our family moments together. I love travelling, reading, I enjoy tasty and healthy food. I love to spend my time at the seaside. Walking gives me extra energy and I practise yoga to calm both body and soul.

Please have a look at all my press publications via Press. If you have a question or if you want to contact me, just send me a mail via [email protected]

Or just give me a call : +32/476/401.103