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Book: Aftellen naar maandag


Monday Blues… everyone seems to suffer from them from time to time. Before you know it the weekend is over and ahead is a long working week. For many people, Monday morning is something they are dreading. About time to start counting the days until Monday!

As Medialaan’s Well-being Director I have 12 experts take the floor. They formulate answers to questions of both employers and employees: what are the symptoms and causes of stress? How can I be resistant? What is the importance of good leadership? Is it really so bad to multitask? And what do healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise mean for your concentration and energy levels?

‘Aftellen naar maandag’ is a must-read for everyone who wants to give their working life a serious boost. One that not only you, but also the people around you will feel – at work and at home.

Order the book ‘Aftellen naar maandag’ now and let us know if you want a personal message added. Currently only available in Dutch.