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I was already able to inspire these companies with my wellbeing tips


Ann knows how to make her audience enthusiastic! She takes them into a plausible and relevant story; what she tells is from her own experience and she applies the quoted practical examples accurately herself: leading by example.

Katrien De Clercq – Securex


Ann her tips & experience do not require large investments but include small steps that have a big impact for everyone. Her passion, style of communicating and very ‘people-centric’ approach makes her unique. Her lecture is a true gift for everyone!

Karoline Fievez – Director Belgium


Ann talks very concretely, knows how to captivate your attention with a combination of her own experience, well-founded theory and many practical tips that you can apply immediately after your session. Highly recommended!

Rebecca Hogenhout – HR Director Brand Deli


An inspiring keynote speaker who, through her simplicity and sincerity, is able to inspire her audience, she is a woman with a mission. She acts and communicates in a very result-oriented and pragmatic way. She embodies what she preaches.

Nathalie Arteel – Arteel


It was a very interesting and inspiring keynote. The enthusiasm and practical experience of Ann made it a fascinating session. With the tips that we got, I immediately went to work. Very nice and positive experience!

Steffie Cuypers – Vito


Ann really inspired everyone at the HR Magazine Congress in Berlin. She puts each employee in the center and bases her policy on 3 pillars, a mental balance, a good physical health and a healthy diet. I am sure you will be inspired!

Sige Mariën – SD Worx


I found Ann her book very practical, concrete and interesting. And also very diverse. Ann worked with the expertise of twelve experts, so the book consists of twelve parts and actually even consists of twelve separate books. Or simply put: twelve books for the price of one.

William Visterin – Jobat & MARK Magazine


Ann gives me the framework to better understand and coach colleagues and managers. ‘Aftellen naar maandag’ is unique in its kind, a must-read for anyone who wants to get more out of work and life.

Sabine Ballet – Atlas Copco Rental Europe


Ann her story is very personal and authentic. You get more insights about stress, multitasking and resilience. Her personal story and her book have inspired me enormously and from now on some things will be done differently for me. Result: it gave me a serious boost, both at work and at home!

Pascale Cox – SBS Skill BuilderS


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Ik mis de podia, de micro, en vooral .... mijn publiek! Ben volop bezig aan nieuwe keynote om hopelijk dit najaar weer veel bedrijven te mogen inspireren. Nieuw boek. Nieuwe keynote. Nieuwe energie!  Kijk er nu al heel hard naar uit!  #wellbeingatwork #vitality #mentalbalance #stresspreventie #keynotespeaker #auteur #pelckmanspro
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